Underfloor Heating

JFK Plumbing and Heating Ltd install and maintain underfloor heating systems for Residential and Commercial clients across the South of England.

Underfloor heating – affordable luxury – feel the difference!

Underfloor heating really is changing the way we experience our living and working spaces. The technology has advanced so quickly and efficiently that it is now possible to fit a system into most dwellings or commercial/industrial premises.

Underfloor Heating – wet or electric system?

A wet system runs by using hot water from a boiler and is suitable for new builds and extensions where a concrete screed can be laid to contain the necessary network of water pipes.

An electrical dry system is laid over an existing floor and so is ideal for new and retrofitting.

JFK Plumbing & Heating are experienced in the design and installation of both systems including all the electrical work and will advise on which is best for your site.

What are the benefits of underfloor heating?

  • 70% Radiant heat: Underfloor heating radiates the heat upwards through the floor in an even way to an effective height of 2metres (head height) and then disperses towards the ceiling. It’s comfortable and energy efficient.
    A traditional radiator convects heat up towards the ceiling and then over in an arc which warms a room but not as effectively as underfloor.
  • Easy to Control: The systems are so easy to control because of the ambient temperature created within the room space.
    What’s more, JFK Electrical can offer you even more in the way of control by installing a system that has full remote control access through a Smartphone App. Just adjust the system to fit in with your lifestyle and save money and energy by not wasting heat when you’re not in the house.
  • Comfort: once you have experienced underfloor warmth underfoot in your living space you will never look back.
  • Aesthetically Pleasing: No need for radiators, vents or ducts so you gain more space and a streamlined look to your living space.
  • Healthier: with no need for carpets and dust trapping floor coverings, an underfloor heating system is beneficial to asthma sufferers by controlling dust mites and reducing the circulation of airborne allergens.
  • In Conservatories: You can enjoy your conservatory more throughout the cooler months with an underfloor heating system.

Typical Locations:

Historically, JFK have installed underfloor heating systems in large residential new builds (flats and houses) through developers and self-build sites. Barn conversions, churches and other buildings with high ceilings are particularly well suited to this technology.

  • New builds and self build residential developments
  • Churches, barn conversions and other high ceiling properties
  • Conservatories

JFK Electrical

Our electrical team will install all the relevant control and management systems required for your underfloor heating project. Have a look at the JFK Electrical section of this web site to view our electrical capabilities.

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