Water Flow Solutions

We were contacted regarding low water volume and pressure at a domestic residence.

The customer described a common household problem of a huge drop in water flow when running more than one water outlet at a time i.e. shower and W/C flush.

We recommended that a MainsBoost™ system be fitted in the existing small cupboard at the back of the garage comprising of two 450 litre Mains Boost vessels. Once fitted, the MainsBoost™ system works with the pressure from the existing water main to provide a consistent flow pressure, regardless of the number of water outlets being used at one time. Our customer can now run the bath, shower, taps and toilet all at the same time with no loss in water pressure.

“Our home had very variable and insufficient water pressure and flow rate for years. I sought the help of numerous plumbing/heating engineers but none could offer a solution that gave me confidence. I was then recommended to contact JFK Heating & Plumbing who were able to offer a range of unique technology based solutions to the problem depending on my water usage. They performed the task efficiently and professionally and their engineers were friendly and helpful. Our showers and baths now function perfectly. I would not hesitate to recommend JFK to anyone who wants to improve the water pressure and flow rate within their property.”

George Sewell

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